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For the past fifteen years, after a previous career as a restaurateur, I have focused my full attention on creating art. I began by experimenting with digital collage, using old photos as my source material. Today's hybrid techniques and technologies allow me to venture beyond my personal experience and investigate stories embedded in the photographs of others. These stories marry memory and make believe.

I turned my attention to abstract painting after moving my studio from Austin to Wimberley, Texas. I found the medium allowed me to immediately and directly express my feelings and dream world. I recently have started combining my photo collage images with oil painting, as well.

Working at the edge of my comfort level, I continue to experiment and grow as an artist. The main constant in each of my images is an awareness of "possibilities”.

No matter what form my work takes, there are threads of personal memories—a room, a familiar face, another era. I am able to better connect with these memories, dreams and feelings through solitude and the beauty of the natural world.

I hope to challenge viewers by leaving space for his or her personal experiences to fuse with the work, thereby offering a truly unique experience—for, are we not all storytellers?

The video below looks at the evolution of my work as an artist...